Mobile Application


Pawprints is a place for you to keep track of your dog’s life and share it with friends. Look back on daily moments and know that you can always keep them with you.

It was originally a mobile app concept created with Vickie Angie and Malika Butler. Since then, Vickie and I have developed the concept into a full experience and Andy Mikulski has joined us as our developer. Visit our promo site and we'll let you know when we launch!

Pawprints was awarded a Gold ADDY at the Rochester ADDY Awards in March, 2013.

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Mobile Application


Thread catalogs the clothes in your closet by color and provides outfit options depending on what you want to filter by.

Just take a photo of your clothing and Thread will pull the colors from it to create your swatch. Add your own tags to each swatch and it will be stored in your swatch library. Forget the annoyance of matching your clothes and let Thread take care of it.

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Mobile Application and Physical Sensor


Twig is a physical device that connects to a mobile web app to allow you to keep track of how your plant is growing while learning about its specific needs.

Twig was created with a team of 8 other designers and developers for New Media Senior Team Project. We created a physical device with arduino, a mobile web app and a promotional website over a course of 20 weeks.

Check out our promo website on your mobile device to use the app and be sure to stop by our exhibit at ImagineRIT on May 4, 2013.

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Responsive Website


VegHead is a one-stop website that combines vegan news, tips, recipes and more. It’s designed for any digital platform to maximize accessibility.

For this assignment, I had to design and develop 2 pages of a responsive website. We had to take content from an existing website that didn't display the information as well as it could. I chose to take content from Vegnews and Veganwolf to create VegHead.

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Interactive Touchscreen


Getaway Guide is a designed for a touchscreen LCD monitor in your travel agency. It allows you to browse destinations for your next vacation.

Check out activities, lodging, food and more so you can decide where to visit next without having to flip through travel booklets. Interaction with a touchscreen LCD is usually cumbersome so I strived to create a simple, easy to navigate interface for users.

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Website Redesign and iPad Application


Discover Philly is my rebrand for Philadelphia's city website. Browse upcoming events, city news and popular links on the website and explore what the city has to offer on the iPad app.

I rebranded the site to fit the friendly and fun culture of Philadelphia and chose to focus on upcoming events, city-wide news and important links. The app is designed to be your personal tour guide. Browse things to see, add them to your itinerary and explore the City of Brotherly Love at your own pace.

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